The King of Mussels has a new Jester

I have been doing the same old job style for so many years, I had forgotten what other options are out in the world.  Most of my work these last dozen years or so has been typically brain work.  Worrying about today, worrying about tomorrow and worrying about three months from now!  Lots of busy work and lots of planning.  With all that effort, I always found it nearly impossible to have the energy and clarity of mind to do the hobbies I truly love like writing, blogging and working on some of my philosophies.  So, for the last dozen years or so I have mostly done vegetative hobbies like video gaming, TV consumption and movie renting.  Not the best recipe for my own personal fulfillment!

Therefore, as part of my strategy in moving to PEI, it was necessary to try to find work in the realms of physical labor instead of mental labour.  In fact, seasonal work was something I was particularly keen on getting so that I could have bits of the year free to pursue other interests and not get too bored performing one single job year round.  One of my reasons for choosing the neighbourhood of our home here in PEI was that we are close the Mussel King factory which I knew had seasonal work.

frozen mussels 2

In August, I applied for a job and in August (same day) I got a job!  Then, it was just waiting for the season to start.  So now the season is starting to really get going and yet after a few days of hard (back breaking as I’m not used to physical work) labour I still find my mind is crystal clear when I get home and ready to indulge in my hobbies!  Of course, these hobbies must be enjoyed in a soft, muscle and joint friendly lazy boy, but I still get to enjoy life so much more.