An Amabilè Christmas

I am part of a choir called The Amabilè Singers in Charlottetown.  I joined them this fall.  We sing a wide range of music, most very pleasing to the ear.  I sing Alto 1 or Soprano 2, depending on which is written in the piece (middle range for women).  I love singing harmonies and listening to how each part fits with the other parts.

The Christmas concert was 16 pieces, with a few popular carols, but mostly lesser-known traditional ones (which I find much more interesting as they are a new challenge and new sounds) and a few written or arranged by Canadian composers.  Chris took video of the concert and I have chosen a few of my favourites to show here (you can see full screen by clicking on the diamond icon  in the bottom right corner of the video screens).

Hope you enjoy!



Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming (harm. M. Praetorius)

Once As I Remember (trad. Italian, arr. C. Wood)

O My Dear Heart (Eleanor Daley; words by James, John and Robert Wedderburn)

The Ships of Yule (Tim Cooper; poem by New Brunswick poet Bliss Carmen)

What is this Lovely Fragrance? (French carol, arr. Healey Willan)

A Merry Christmas (trad. English, arr. Arthur Warrell)