Crocheted Dragon!

So far, I’ve done lots of crocheted coasters and a few pot holders, but needed a new project to work on in my crochet class.  I went to “Stitches & Crafts by Karen” and Karen handed me a couple thick binders of patterns to look through!  I found a very cute stuffed dragon!  Here is the pattern.   I went home, purchased the pattern online, and started! 

This pretty circle took me 3 – 4 tries before getting it right (my first time working in the round)


Basket? Mittens?

Okay, so I skipped photos of most the steps, but here’s the final product!

Isn’t he the cutest?  He’s about 10 inches tall.  Each limb, snout, nostrels, horns, ears, scales and tail are made separate, some stuffed, some not, then sewn on.  It’s not perfect and I know I have extra stitches around the belly, but I made it work.  His name is Pebble.


At first, he didn’t have scales, but he was looking too much like a cow (believe it not) – well, a green cow anyway, so scales makes him distinctly dragon.