Brickbarn 18: Painting Baseboards and The Words (June 20-23, 2016)


First colours on the baseboards
baseboards once complete
Placing bins in their spots.
Awesome arrangement of coloured pieces along coloured stripes
Awesome arrangement of coloured pieces in front of coloured stripes
The pièce de résistance!
The pièce de résistance!


Black paint
You’d think it’d be pretty quick just to trace some letters, but no. Painting the lines was very slow tedious work, and that was with two people!
Looks funny without the projection.
First coat done
First coat done. We still had to go over it a second time. A bit easier than the first, but still as tedious. The end result is worth it though!
Raking to a gentle slope away from the building
Gravelling around the building.