Brick Barn 17: Staining boards and Painting Siding (June 17-19)

Laying out the boards
Laying out the boards which will be assembled into a Lego sorting desk / guest and food counter.  Chris chose an oak veneer’d plywood.
This is a special kind of stain that you apply a layer (but don’t have to be perfect), then 15 minutes later, you wipe off the excess using a rag.
Soak in a layer of varnish
Layer of stain soaking in
wiping off excess
wiping off excess

After excess is wiped off

Next day, we brushed on a coat of Polyurethane to protect the stain and wood.
taping the lengths of the bricks
We wanted the Brick Barn to speak for itself, so here are some strips of tape…
Yep! Lego bricks!  Chris figured out the true proportions to match a 4 bump lego brick.  A bit tricky getting paint up under each overlap of siding and into the corners, but between my brush and Chris’ roller and lots of perseverance, we managed to reach everything.




tamping down the gravel using a board
Chris put gravel all around the building, slightly sloping away so the rain would flow out and away from the building (we may get removable eaves troughs one day, as there is a lot of melting and freezing during winters here and ice would build up in them).  Here, he is tamping down the gravel with a board.
Chris made a slightly curved gravel trail between the two buildings to run the water away
Chris made a slightly upward curved gravel trail between the two buildings to run the water away to the back yard.