Chickpea and Ginger Curry

I wish I could share the deeeeeelicious awesome smell in my house right now!  (and maybe share a bit of the food that caused it, maybe, just a little… he he).

I just started exploring a gluten-free recipe book (pic below) that ranges from appetizers, salads, soups, sides, entrees to desserts.  My first encounter with Indian food was at a restaurant and that’s where I fell in love with it!  So many delicious spices and fragrances – it was an exciting and amazing flavour experience!

Garam masala (below): a blend of around 7 spices (you can buy the blend at the regular grocery store)(

Mild Indian Curry Paste (below) – also from the grocery store.

First stage: fry up stuff

Once the spices have been added, this is when the house explodes with an amazing smell!

A bunch more stuff goes in and then you let it simmer for half an hour.

Finito!  This meal just reminds me how much I like Indian food, so I’m going to explore some more.