The Unboxing of the Night Sky

A few years ago I didn’t take the advice of the experts of the internet and bought a large telescope with a huge 14″ mirror.  I rationalized that the sale price, bright city skies and the ability to leave it on the high-rise condo’s balcony would allow me to use it regularly.  Unfortunately, because people in a neighboring building would call out to me when I was observing, I did not end up actually using it much.  Now that we are in PEI, I wanted to use it more often.  However, it is very wet here and I will have to build a proper observatory to house it during the damp days.  My alternative is to haul it out from storage every time I want to observe, and here is where ignoring the experts and the been-there-done-thaters is to my own folly.  I’m not going to haul out a 100 lbs telescope from storage every good seeing night.  So to solve this annoying problem (very dark skies, occasionally great seeing and no observatory) a UPS truck parked in my driveway!


Inside were the two boxes of a new, smaller, go-to telescope!



My Celestron 8 inch SE scope.  Of course the forecast is for rain and more rain, but hopefully it will see first light soon!