Curried tofu and chickpeas

I decided to try something new: tofu for one, then a curry dish that had coconut milk (what’s that?) and fresh ginger (strong stuff!) among other spices.

img 8577 4 So this is coconut milk? More like cream haha! Well I soon learned the contents of this can had separated into water? and cream. Water was at the bottom. Weird but oh well. It has a mild coconut flavour.

Sizzling up some onion, garlic, ginger and dried apricots.

FF5CF16A B229 4C4E B44F C98C3040068D I like the look of chickpeas.  Tasty too.
img 8581 1

Added the coconut “milk”, tofu pieces, chickpeas, salt and curry powder.

img 8582 1 Let simmer for 8 mins to reduce the coconut milk down to a thick sauce.  Add spinach last.

Sooo, I tasted it and it was bland.  Very underwhelming.  How can that be with all those spices?? I’m so confused.  At least it tasted a bit better the next day but I think I will have to compare to other recipes and maybe add some more spices?  Also, I’d skip the tofu next time (don’t like the soybean flavour and the squishy texture) and replace it with chicken!

Let me know if you have any suggestions or another recipe!