Yes, we’re still here

August 16, 2015

We haven’t blogged in awhile because life got much busier. Summer in PEI is full tilt tourist and harvest season which means whatever job you’re doing is likely that much busier as well. Chris finished the mussel season in July and is now working at a blueberry factory. The bakery where I work supplies restaurants, farmers markets, and our in-bakery shop, and even with a third person on the team, it is a tight squeeze getting all that bread made! Doesn’t help it’s a hot environment (three massive ovens) in a hot season. Oh, and that lovely humidity – what the? Never encountered that before (both the Yukon and Alberta very dry). Soooo different. A/C unit for home on the to-get list for sure.

So, I’m backtracking a bit with the blog (back to May) to bring it up to date. Don’t worry, no more snow pictures. Just flowers, ocean and other lovely spring and summer stuff.

We hope everyone is happy, healthy and enjoying their summer!


Chantal and Chris




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