June Yard

It was neat watching our yard change as Spring merged into Summer.  We always wondered what this bush was near the house.  When we arrived in July last year, it had already finished flowering and was just leaves so we didn’t know what it was until it bloomed this June:  a lilac bush!  Very pretty!

Lilac bush


Lilac bush-2

Starting to flower


10 days later: fully bloomed


Another flowering tree


Very fragrant!  Have yet to identify.

Planting pansies

Attempting to plant pansies on a very buggy evening of mosquitoes and black flies.  All that snow made lots of water for all these pests to grow in!  The bed is also covered in a black cloth under the dirt, so had to cut through that, then dig a hole, add new healthy soil, water, plant, fill, water…I think I planted 30 or so.  A bit much for one evening.  I found out it’s better to let the perennials take care of prettying up the yard. Much less maintenance (no watering), and therefore, no itchy bug bites.  Lesson learned for next year.

Planting pansies-4



I noticed a black splotch in the flower bed one evening and went to investigate.  It was a flower!  Didn’t know they came in black…


Next day (in daylight), I went to take a better look at it, and found it was a deep purple rather than black, but still very dark!  Looks like a type of Iris.   Also, very large: the size of my hand.




Look at its fuzzy tongue!  (It had three)


More pretty flowers


With Sun!


Sprinkled with spots of orange Hawksweed



Our meadow-y backyard


Where two patches of thyme are hiding


Some beautiful Columbine sheltered beside our porch.  It think this is the coolest flower!  So intricate and unique.

Morning dew on spider web

Dew drops highlight hundreds of these spider web patches in the mornings.  So much life underfoot!

Baby spiders

Like these new little babies!


Sunrise light on backyard and the field behind

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