Potato Puzzler

How to make potatoes taste like something and not stick to your mouth, throat and oesophagus. I’ve tried herbed wedges cooked in the oven (very good but requires lots of sour cream to combat the dryness of the starch), mashed potatoes with garlic, butter and milk (average but still thick and dry and not enough flavour), and crispy fries (not burnt) with salt (McDonald’s are my favorite!). KFC used to have good fries that had a yummy flavouring but they’ve dummed it down to booooooring. Boiled potatoes: boring as heck! Baked potato: dry as heck! Cubed hash browns: dry.

I wanted to try flakey shredded hash browns so looked up a few top-rated recipes online and noticed some rinsed the grated potato shreds while others didn’t. I decided to go simple first (i.e. no rinsing) and tried the Jamie Oliver recipe: https://www.jamieoliver.com/features/how-to-make-hash-browns/ Pretty straight forward. I tried a version with pepper/salt/garlic powder/paprika and the other with pepper/salt/chopped onions. Unfortunately the recipe didn’t indicate how much salt and pepper and I underestimated the amount of garlic powder so it ended up being very bland. Had to sprinkle more seasoning on afterwards.

Interesting that it required eggs. Didn’t expect that. Makes sense though, binding it together. The hash browns were moist (yay!) but a bit dense and not very flakey, so I’m wondering if that is the purpose of rinsing the potato shreds in the other recipes? Guess I’ll find out as I’ll try another recipe next week.

P.S. Why are potatoes so bland??? It bugs me because I’ve had some delicious ones from a farmer’s market once so I know they do exist. Amount or type of compost for growing perhaps? Maybe that will be one of my future gardening goals. I’ll let you know the secret when I discover it.

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