It’s Like Living in a Slushy

We had the big warnings last night!  Nor’Easter a coming!

I was like, “Huh?”

They were like, “Oh yah…”

I was like, “Snow… oh I’m scared….”


Hmm… morning… hmm…. Nor’Easter eh!

So we woke up this morning, both of us having to work today, at 5am to the sound of tiny little daggers bouncing off the windows.  The forecast was for rain, turning to snow overnight and ice pellets in the morning.  What the heck are ice pellets?  Oh yes tiny little daggers!

Okay, it’s snow.  I can deal with this!  Crunch… hmm… storm door won’t open!  Grrrrr… PUSH… okay outside with a shovel…Let’s start with stairs.  scoop… OH this isn’t snow!  It’s a massive Slushy!  “Ground” flavored of course.

Anyway every scoop full was like 30 lbs of water (with some sort of snow glue to make it solid).  Eventually, I got just enough Slushy cleared away to be able to drive down the road to my work!  The plows had been out, thankfully, and in fact when Chantal was heading to work an hour later she had the great fortune to follow one toward Cardigan and the Farmer’s Market.


As the day wore on the weather turned to rain and wind making things even more sloppy, but toward home time it looked like it was going to freeze up again, so Chantal cleared a few tracks behind the car so she wouldn’t get frozen in!



There was three inches of slushy over three inches of water in the parking lot of the Farmer’s Market!


Chantal was smart and wore her gum boots to work!  They came in very handy!


3 thoughts on “It’s Like Living in a Slushy”

  1. Can’t tell from what you wrote. Is it worse to drive in than usual; more slippery? It looks like ‘spring’ type snow here – just wet stuff but not big trouble! Is this type of snow typical over the winter or just one of the many types of snow you’ll experience? I would assume having to travel so early in the morning – you were lucky ploughs were out before you; sure doesn’t happen here like that very often. Has snowed here all day long – extremely unusual for that to happen. But it’s normal snow otherwise – tee hee.

    1. Yah definitely not a spring snow. It was really dense. If the car were to hit a pile of it on the road I think there would be significant damage to plastic bumpers etc. We are so use to dry conditions and fluffy snow that this Eastern style is going to take time to figure out (like how to not get trapped inside your house with a tiny little snow drift outside the storm door).

  2. If the plow comes through, it is driveable, but still a thin layer of wet crusty snow so it grabs the tires easily. You need to go 40-50 km/hr. If on main highway, they salt too, which melts it and it’s just wet.

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