Christmas Views

We thought we would share a few Christmas images we enjoyed this season.

Our tree with a new decoration this year (Anna from Frozen – bottom of the second image):



The cool snowmen Chris’ Mom made for us!


Chantal’s angel all a glow:


Our old fashion Santa Claus Chris’ parents bought themselves years ago and we still love displaying!


Chris’ advent calendar which his Mom made for him beyond memory ago (thinking around 1986) and has been used every year since!  Notice the snowman and gingerbread boy flying in the air a la “The Snowman” story – one of Chantal’s favorites.  Each day is a different piece and every year it becomes a different scene!


And finally, a bit of St. Dunstan’s Basilica where we went to see a Christmas concert in Charlottetown.


One thought on “Christmas Views”

  1. Lovely memories. Thank you from my heart for sharing so I can travel back in time – especially remembering all the different and varying ways Chris would complete the advent calendar; always unique and fun.

    For those who don’t know – the beautiful faces of the ‘snowmen’ were painted by Chantal – our artist.

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