A Shady Kind of Day

Another lovely day on the island.  The sort of day you head out doors to your favorite relaxing spot.  For Chantal it is lounging in the shade of a lovely Sumac tree in our front yard.

Chantal's favourite spot under a Sumac tree

It is the perfect cozy place to whittle away an afternoon and soak in the pleasant air.  Even though our front yard is on a road only a few cars actually drive along it.  Only the birds at the feeder, the squirrel in the trees and the breeze in the leaves to tickle the auditory senses!  The clouds overhead were also interesting today as if presenting a foreshadowing of things to come in a few months time.


It looks like ice pans in a river me thinks?  Oh well that is many moons away still.  Many more days of soaking in the summer vibes.