MacPhail Woods

MacPhail Woods-6

Few places are as special as MacPhail Woods.  When most people think of PEI red earth fields lined with the green tops of potatoes spring to mind.  However, much of the landscape is reverting back into forest land and the people who manage MacPhail Woods are doing their best to aid this process.  PEI, before human settlement, use to be covered in a lush Acadian forest of mixed wood and fern ground cover.  Although truly temperate, the combination of colors, shade, light and moisture really gives the place an almost tropical feel.

MacPhail Woods

And if one is brave enough to enter mosquito heaven, one is well rewarded with a true cathedral experience as the canopy envelopes your soul and the lush greens sooth your mind.  To top off the whole experience are the many wild creatures that live safe and sound in these woods in and around the babbling brooks.

Water striders on the little stream at MacPhail

If you ever visit the island, don your bug repellant and enjoy these short walking trails!