Highland Games

Your Scottish roots are showing!

Pictou County Pipes and Drums from Nova Scotia at Highland Games and Scottish Festival in Eldon, PEI

We drove over to Belfast today.  No… not in Ireland although we are much closer now.  Belfast, PEI, where the Highland Games were taking place over the weekend.  It does seem a weird bit of irony that a Scottish Games is being held in an place with an Irish namesake?!  I wonder if the Scots bothered to clean up after they left the Belfast on Monday?

Anyway, lots of dancing… over and over again to the same tune… over and over again.  It was a competition after all.  But one can only absorb repetition so much.

Highland dancing

A goose herding sheep dog was also present from Pembrooke Farms who we will go see later in the week where the dog actually does a live demonstration on sheep too.  And of course there were sporting events, food vendors and pipe bands.  We felt our local Belfast Pipes played the best of the three which included one from Nova Scotia and Vancouver.  All were very impressive.

Belfast Pipe and Drum Band from PEI

And now turn up you speakers and blast out with Scottish pride!

Pipe Band ***video***