Purple Finch

We got a bird feeder!  Well two bird feeders and one decorative iron pole onto which we hang them.  Initially inspired by a family of humming birds visiting our flowers by the front door of our house.  Yay hummingbirds!

Purple Finch male first bird on our seed feeder-5So we placed the pole and feeders outside our kitchen window (where we dine) to enjoy what we would expect to be a nice entertaining dinner show.  However, to no avail.  No birds.  So we plucked the pole out of the ground and moved it a foot or two farther away from the house.  Nothing.  We waited 48 hours each time we moved it hoping it was only a matter of discovery.  A couple of shifts later and one bird finally broke the ice.  This little guy is a male purple finch and he is a beauty!

We reflected on our little visitor and felt a strange kinship.  He probably had been out in the trees for the last few days considering the feeder and its proximity to the human house.  Just as we considered moving to PEI last year.  But with nerves to raw, we did not take flight.  But once the positioning was just right we decided to swoop in and enjoy the rewards a bit of risk provided.  And perhaps like this little finch we will be able to inspire others of the flock with uncertainly to take the risk and swoop in and enjoy the seeds.