Spiders on the Threshold

So a quick mention about our front door.  Unfortunately for us, people who are not overly excited by spiders (well excited in the positive sense), whomever decided to build our front steps did so a little bit on the small size.  This small width to the steps makes a perfect span for spider webs and the nice light above the door an enticing source of flies and moths in the evening (when we need to have the light on).  So spiders congregate around our front door in the hundreds.  They are in all the different phases of life and do deadly battles by night on our storm door windows (we often turn on the light to watch the fights – cheaper than TV).  Some are small, but a few are massive (bodies the size of quarters and then legs extending out from there – ew).  Sometimes when we open the storm door a wayward spider who was all cozy at the top of the door is flung from his web down onto the exiting people (us).  This does not make for the most happy departures.  So, back in July, Chantal found a stick at the beach which at the time was for roasting hotdogs, but now has morphed into our web collecting spider scattering device (note to self do not use for hotdogs again – unless we want extra protein).  It goes with us to the car so that when we get back it isn’t like walking through a jungle and getting tangled in webs just to get to the front door.  I had considered simply using the back door and surrendering the front to nature, but for now the stick seems to be effective.

porch spiders-2