As our home is slowly buried in yet another maritime blizzard…


It seemed like a good day to share one of Chantal’s recent (indoor) culinary adventures.

Yup, she was at it again recently, making a big mess of my kitchen!  Well, I only complain because with myself currently unemployed, the domestic duties are all mine.  Oh, and I don’t particularly like what she was making.  This time was her first attempt at making home-made pierogi.  Prompted by the fact the grocery stores here don’t carry the only filling flavor she actually enjoys, cottage cheese, it became important to actually try it herself.

Like all pierogi it starts with potatoes.


Chantal decided her filling was going to keep the skins as a different take on the original.


Once mashing was complete, Chantal portioned out a bit of potato into three pots and added mild, sharp and cottage cheeses.



Then it was over to the dough station.


To cut and stretch each little envelop of dough…


Hmm… I think you might have made too much potato filling if this is all you add to one…




One done… perhaps hundreds more to go……..


After a few batches ended up in the freezer…


Chantal finally conceded there was too much filling and as she was hungry and impatient to try her new creations, into the fridge went the rest of the potatoes.


After a bit of a boil and a quick pan fry, we had a nice dinner of pierogi and sausages.


The result of the experiment…. meh.  Chantal felt the mild cheddar and sharp cheddar versions were better than the store bought in the flavour they created, but the cottage cheese was too runny which made it very hard to seal up the seams.  Next time, she would drain the cheese before adding to the potatoes.  Also, without industrial machinery it was difficult to get the dough thin enough so that each bite was a better proportion of filling to dough.  Ultimately, these pierogi were just too much dough.  Better to just enjoy the filling as flavored mashed potatoes next time!