Tasty Delights

Tasty Delights is open for business!  Well, we are not official yet, but we consider this summer to be “market research” for the real deal.  Our table is a bit crude and we hope to make a few adjustments as time progresses.

First day at the Cardigan Farmer's Market selling cookies, muffins and sucre a  la creme

 We offer a yummy (er… Tasty) mix of muffins and cookies as well as a weekly special treat.  As you can see we are offering banana chocolate chip muffins (with and without walnuts), orange pecan chocolate chip muffins, chocolate chip cookies (with and without butterscotch chips), and two inaugural specials: oatmeal cranberry crumble (which was suppose to be cookies but they didn’t hold together) and sucre a la crème (a Quebec “fudge” and a traditional family recipe).  Initial prices are $1.25 per muffin, $0.50 per cookie and $1.00 per package of special.

Our first day was very successful.  One funny point about fair skin.  Chris sat in the shade as shown in the picture for 5 hours today and somehow still managed to get a mild sun burn covering only half his face and one arm.  Apparently, it is possible to get a burn from light reflected off of grass!