Blackbirds Escaped the Pie!

So I was washing dishes this afternoon and I looked up for a quick stretch and in doing so glanced out the kitchen window.  Our yard, an acre of it, was covered in blackbirds.  We have had a very acrobatic one entertaining us in the front yard for a few weeks now trying to feed at the feeder which is meant for much smaller birds so the very silly thought that he had recruited his friends to get us did leap to mind.  They all slowly marched in the same direction through our yard, front

A large flock of European Starlings landed in our yard-2

and back,


collecting bugs as they went.  It was pretty cool to see so many at once.  Eventually, they all took off as a flock and landed briefly on our house.  So many little thumps all at once!  Then they took off and we haven’t seen them again.  Later on our neighbourhood blackbird returned to the feeder but I imagine it is only a matter of time before he leaves for the winter.