Bread Creations

Ever wonder how much sourdough is needed to make 14 loaves?

This Much! This Much!

Chantal gets a good work out moving the dough balls from the mixer to the counter!  Not only the massive plop of dough but the whole big metal mixing bowl it is in!

With new yeast the baguettes are blooming much better (apparently the yeast for the last few weeks has been old and not working as nicely as preferred).

proud of well-bloomed baguettes-2

Nicely bloomed baguettes

Chantal also tries to add a bit of art time to her work time.  With left over dough she creates interesting shapes.

Her mussel loaf:

mini flax loaf using leftover dough

Her mushroom loaf:

Little sourdough bun that bloomed nicely where it was slit

Little sourdough bun that bloomed nicely where it was slit-5

Her Sea Star about to attack an urchin loaves:

Playing with leftover baguette dough - one is an abstract starfish-2

And a bread knots with a white and whole wheat left-over strands:

Using leftover white and whole wheat sourdough dough to make a two stranded braid bun and knot

Finished product