Bugs and Animals Summer 2017

Some pretty neat creatures out there! Most found while at work.  Click on the photos to see a good close-up and details. For the caterpillars, I’ve included links so you can see what they turn into!  The videos are much better expanded to full screen (click on the icon in the right bottom corner of the video.)

Abandoned nest

Cormorant drying his wings
Blue Jay Feather


Gypsy moth caterpillar https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lymantria_dispar_dispar
Fourteen-spotted Lady Beetle

Pelicinid wasp – looks intimidating but it’s long abdomen is not a stinger, in fact, it doesn’t even have a stinger. It’s an ovipositor to lay eggs by poking it through the ground and laying an egg on a grub. The larvae then eats the grub. The male doesn’t have the long “tail”, and is a third of the size.


Tent caterpillar – the silk protects them from the elements (rain) and predators.
Tent caterpillar – bye bye leaves!
Leopard Slug.  He was a good 4 inches long!
Black and yellow Garden Spider
grasshopper missing a leg
Salt Marsh Tiger Moth caterpillar http://bugguide.net/node/view/980380


American Dagger Moth caterpillar http://www.discoverlife.org/mp/20q?search=Acronicta+americana&guide=Moth&cl=US/GA/Clarke


Cool funnel webs on the lawn
Cicada (head 1/2″ wide!)
Cicada letting me take a good look at him.
Green Lacewing fly – sorry for the blurriness.  Here’s a better pic: https://www.vegedge.umn.edu/pest-profiles/beneficials/green-lacewings
Bald-faced hornet (not a true hornet but a type of yellow jacket wasp)
Spider which caught a Pelicinid wasp in its web!
Spider wrapping it up (I could even see the little thread coming out of his spinneret)
fox at the university.  He was only 10 feet away from my coworker!  Very used to humans.
Cows across the road from our house
Big bull with calf

Could be a White or a Brown-Lipped Snail
Crane fly (not a giant mosquito like I used to think when I was little…they don’t sting and don’t even eat as adults! Just mate.

Western Conifer Seed Bug: eats the sap of developing conifer cones (comes from the Western side of the Rockies but has spread Eastward)
branch-like caterpillar.  When I brushed up against the bush, he stood up on his hind legs and straightened out stiff to imitate a branch!  So cool.  May be a Large Maple Spanworm caterpillar, but not sure. If so, the moth looks like the top of a tree stump!   http://mothphotographersgroup.msstate.edu/species.php?hodges=6982             
caterpillar reaching for a leaf to chew on.
Black and Yellow Garden Spider protecting her egg sac. She has now disappeared, likely died from the 6 degree C night we had. The babies will hatch in Spring! So cool!
The egg sac is an inch long.
Dew on spider web
Bee on Sedum