Spring 2017

This was early May.  I pruned the bush (don’t know the name but it makes bunches of pink flowers) and removed half it’s weight in dead branches!  Very satisfying! 


This was one month later in early June.  With potted Chrysanthemums and Lily of the Valley in front.

Lily of the Valley (not flowering yet)
Cool mossy stump in the back forest

My rhubarb survived the winter well and is looking good. I added compost manure to feed it.

I think these might be Virginia Bluebells, not sure.

Cute little legs!
Fox looking for mice in our back yard
…and having a scratch. 
Off he/she goes continuing its rounds.   
Overgrown perennial bed I’m going to tackle.
I removed lots of grass clumps (with the roots so it doesn’t come back) and added new plants on the right(chrysanthemums, blue salvia and one other) as well as grass mulch to keep the weeds down and moisture in.
That leafy ground cover in the middle really spreads so I’ll be cutting it back and making room for other perennials or bulbs.
I pulled up the old disintegrating landscaping fabric which was no longer fulfilling its purpose of preventing weed growth and won’t be replacing it.  
Clearing some crowded poplars.  We want them to grow into the old lawn and will also add some other native trees and bushes over time.
Hauling poplars to the compost pile.
Lilac ready to bloom!

We rarely get rainbows here because we rarely get thunderstorms, so this was really special!  It was much brighter in person and was a full arc with a double companion.