Landscaping at home!

Since I’ve learned a lot through my landscaping job, I was very excited to start working on our own yard!  I’ve tackled 2 flower beds that came with the house (basically from scratch as they’ve kinda gone wild), and seeding a new lawn.  Here is the front porch bed with a few hostas and a spirea in the middle.  Also tons of leafy ground cover I haven’t identified yet.

It’s been a very satisfying project seeing the progression, improving the soil and giving the beds my own personality and touch.  Click images to blow them up.

May: green is the ground cover coming up. Spirea just starting to bud leaves.  Hostas still hiding underground.
Early June: Hostas are coming up (far right).
End July:  Everything in full swing: Hostas in flower (purple), but notice the very sad looking small pink flowers on the Spirea (should look more like which I later found out is because of the very low nutrient level of the soil.  Leafy ground cover kind of taking over…
Early November:  Chop chop dig dig…I cut back the Spirea to start over again in a better less spindly and unwieldy shape. Removing the roots of the ground cover to get rid of it completely.  You can see it has grown right into the Hostas at right, and starting to creep onto the lawn….bad.  Not that we care about a pristine lawn, but I don’t want non-native invasive plants taking over the yard!

After a couple hours of work! Digging up 8 inches down and shaking the dirt off all the roots. It sure takes time!
Ground cover with bare roots. Thankfully the roots were pretty shallow, so it wasn’t too difficult to find them all.

I bought a soil test kit for the first time and tested the ph (slightly acidic which is fine), and NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) and found these 3 were very low.  Adding leaves for nutrients.
Also adding compost and compost manure.  I hope to add some more plants around the front of the spirea bush, perhaps a spring project.