Easter and Spring 2017

I was finally able to make it to maple syrup season at MacPhee’s Orchard (where we pick apples in the Fall).  Watching maple sap boil into delicious syrup! Three compartments: First is farthest right where the chimney is, then 2nd and 3rd moving to the left (thicker and thicker as it moves down the line).
They even gave me a sample right from the bucket! It was very watery, with a very mild, almost imperceptible sweetness.
Here’s my litre for the coming year!  Yummy crepes!
Testing the water temp where a creek flows into the ocean. Wow! That was chilly!
The sandstone here is very brittle, especially after a winter of freezing and thawing!
The sky and ocean were an amazing and beautiful blue, however the camera didn’t capture it – must be my eyes and brain creating colour.

Do you see the flowers?
Crocuses! The only colour in the yard (except for the birds of course)
On a cloudy day – guess they only open if it’s sunny.
Pussy willows

Some plant growing in the field next door
My boots after walking through the field…The road ditch drains onto the field in one spot, so it was pure mud!  Lucky it wasn’t any deeper.
Pussy willows I found in the ditch that were broken off from the plow, yet still budded!
A few days later and look how much they’ve grown!  They are turning into catkins (the reproductive parts of willows, not the leaves like I originally thought).  Not sure yet if they are female or male.