Epic Blizzard 2015

Well, it wasn’t that epic.  It was certainly the fiercest storm so far this winter in our new home.  Yesterday was absolutely lovely with the sun shine and chilly -10 temperatures.  Today was a whole different kettle of fish… actually quite surprised to not see any fish in our yard.

Wind… check!


Snow… check!


Can’t get out of house… check!


Can’t see out of house… check!


So… naturally, Chantal thought it would be an excellent day to use her new Quebec-made Faber Winter Leisure snowshoes!


First, I had to clear the back deck of snow to be able to exit the house.


Then we realized… holy cow, it was actually really warm out!  Not your typical prairie blizzard but more of your tropical variety.


Not sure of the exact temperature out but Chantal initially stepped out with her oversized down parka, wind pants, scarf, toque and extra warm mitts.




However, as we are not in Tuktoyaktuk, Chantal was quickly overheating so jogged back inside and redressed for the weather.  No scarf… no mitts… no wind pants and no parka.  Just normal winter clothes.  We ventured out into the yard and over to the field where the wind (gusting to 90 km/h) was whipping up the snow from the East and driving it all around the field and house and yard into cool twisters, waves of zero visibility snow clouds and drifts of various shapes.


As it was so warm, it really didn’t matter to us that the wind was blowing so much snow around.  It would have been awful driving for sure, but it was actually a lot of fun to get out into the weather.




There were also a lot of really cool photo opportunities around the yard with the many drifts and blowing snow clouds.  The one drift in the back by the deck was topping out at about 4 feet!









The snow was blowing through the trees in the front yard leaving cool sculpted drifts under the trees.  However, snow wasn’t the only thing blowing around.  All of the snow around our yard had a very subtle pale peach tinge!


The island is soooo red that even the snow cannot escape uncolored!!


Chantal spent at least and hour enjoying the snow.  She was so happy to have another activity that was both a workout, but more importantly just fun to do!  As darkness started to fall, we went inside to our cozy home while the weird island yo-yo weather continued outside.


As the drifts around our car continued to build in the wind, the temperatures continued to rise until the snow gave way to ice pellets!  That was quite a cool experience!  You will see that in this video.  Not something we have experienced back west.  Even more odd is that by midnight, the ice will turn to freezing rain, and then by morning, we will be in the midst of rain!  Good thing we don’t need to drive tomorrow as it will then freeze again tomorrow afternoon.  Oh goody.