What’s Underneath?

I really wanted a look.  One that represented how I feel inside.  At one point I saw this photo of Vangelis:

and felt it was fairly close to how I saw myself now and how I hoped to look aging into the future.  So I started a couple of years ago growing out my hair.  Bit by bit, it all started to get long enough to tie back.  Yet as the months passed, it became painfully obvious that my hair was not going to cooperate with my ambition!  Hairs would break or fall out so regularly, regardless of my shampoo/conditioner types, that it just never all got long enough to gather together neatly.


Honestly, I would have been okay with some frizz, but because of so many short hairs flying around all the time, the only way I could enjoy my long hair was to have it all down, which for most activities was not just in the way, but extremely hot!  So today it was time to make a change.


I did always wonder what I looked like under all my hair.


I have never actually been hairless since I was a baby.  Always tended to like longer hair.



I have no idea what I’m going switch to.  So many questions!

DSC00290_20141226 flipped



But it certainly won’t be this!


On the plus side, I am going to donate my hair to the cancer society.  I’ve always gotten complements on its color and hope that someone struggling with cancer can at least enjoy a few of those compliments while they deal with their treatments!