Our Snow Fort

Yesterday, I finished clearing the driveway… well almost.


Since we didn’t have to be anywhere until Thursday, I decided to have a bit of fun with that huge drift on our driveway.  On Chantal’s suggestion, we decided to beat back winter winds with our own medieval fortress.

Despite the yard still being a giant drift…


I managed to make headway into the pile on the driveway (thank you snowplow – oh yes, my plan to guard against plow-snow failed as the plow still somehow managed to toss a couple of feet worth of snow over the 10 foot hills on the side of the driveway!) before I finally got to the wall.  Then I set about carving.  It looked great from my side of the driveway but when I went out on the road I realized it really just looked like a snow bank with holes.  So I carved the outside too.


Now I have my own Black Gate or I guess White Gate (Tolkien reference).  I got a bunch of thumbs ups and one honk as I was carving the wall (and yes, let’s keep in mind I did not build this wall, I carved it from a larger snow drift!).  I even met my neighbor who stopped to shoot the breeze about all the snow we are having and how it was the worst ever, even more so than the ’62 and ’84!  Yay, lucky us.

Anyway, the road was pretty much plowed which is nice and means I won’t have to worry about the wall getting knocked in yet.


So, for now I’m just going to throw snowballs at passing cars (just kidding) and defend my land from invading Yetis from Greenland.


You know, I feel I did such a good job with all this shovelling…



That it seems there wasn’t a huge blizzard here at all.


That is until this afternoon!!  sigh… (another 20cm tonight – and blowing…)