And more… And, oh yes… more

Before March was finished with us, the weather decided to dump not just another snow storm on us but two more snow storms!  A grand total (and winter record) 5 meters of snowfall… here’s the chart!


Yes, that is snow drifted across the lower half of our window… Again.

We soldiered on.  Out to get our very well used shovels… Again.

Oh but wait.  A new twist on an old theme.  We cannot actually get out of the house this time!  Back door is sealed with three feet of snow.  Front door is well…


With enough carefully positioned pushing we did manage to just barely crawl out (well Chantal could… Chris was a tad too big to squeeze out).  Thank goodness we had cleared the porch half way through the storm before going to bed or we would have been jumping out the bedroom window (well actually, considering the depth of the snow, I should say rolling out the bedroom window).


Yup, that’s snow drifted up over our windows!  Again.

And up to the bottom of the bird feeder!


After some effort Chantal cleared the porch…


And kindly handed over the shovel to me to clear the way to the car… Again.


Meanwhile, she went about liberating our view from a world of white to, well, a white that was a bit farther away.


After a good couple of hours we could get to the car…


And therefore, clear the driveway!  Oh goody.  But never mind… a snow storm is in the forecast… Again.

And here it is!


Now where did we leave those shovels??



At least this time it was pretty… without the wind, the snow really gave the yard a fairy-tale winter wonderland flavor!