Yard (early to mid June 2019)

I’m very excited to have added a few more native plants to our yard this year:  3 types of wildflower, a shrub and a fern (most pictured below but not flowering yet)!  This, added to last year’s Witch Hazel, Beaked Hazelnut, Winterberry Holly and Chokeberry.

I’m trying to bring some diversity back to our little plot, using some of the species you’d find in a traditional island forest a few hundred years ago.

The trick is to have patience…I bought the shrubs when only a foot high so it will take a few years before they fill in any space or become visible from the house, but I can’t wait for the berry and nut bushes to produce fruit and attract birds and other critters!

If you are interested in learning what’s native on PEI and to buy plants, I would recommend checking out the MacPhail Woods website.  They have great workshops and courses too.  I’ve learned so much from them!