Yard and Surroundings Summer 2017

Trying out the game of crocket on our lumpy weedy lawn – I can see how it would be fun on a smooth surface.
Lupines (not actually native here (it’s actually invasive) even though it’s often associated with PEI)
lupine seed pods
Common Buttercup
One of my favourites (it’s in Alberta too): Blue-eyed grass
wheat field next door and wind waves across the surface (lighter areas)

wheat – still green
After the wheat has been cut
After the stalks have been raked up. Now it looks like clover is growing there.
Hosta with the purple flowers that hummingbirds like and Spirea bush with pink flowers behind.
Tall bearded Iris ‘All Night Long’ – it is a striking blacky purple. very pretty.
from above
from the side – the beard is the fuzzy part
bee on Sedum: this flower is a very strong butterfly and bee magnet!!
Asters: these grow everywhere here and this one just popped up in my garden this year.  Thank you for making my garden less barren!
Lilac bush
Queen Anne’s Lace – a mid summer flower here and the stems can reach 5 feet high!
Queen Anne’s Lace going to seed.  Weird how the flat topped flowers curl into themselves.
morning sun over back wheat field
Our back meadow we let go wild, but shave it off at the end of fall. If we don’t mow it at all, the next year will be mostly grass and a lot less colourful, but we want to see wildflowers.
I believe this is Ragwort
Yellow Toadflax – a type of snapdragon. You can squeeze the sides of their “cheaks” and make their mouths open and close!
Asters growing happily in the ditch
A mix of Canada Goldenrod, Aster and Tall White-aster
Canada Goldenrod and Aster.  Just love these colours!
Canada Goldenrod
I’m not sure what this is. Let me know if you know!
A lovely sunset by the road over the “cow field”



My new baby boxwood between the cedar? and the lilac bush. I think he’s cute.
boxwood up close (the back half is all yellowed and dying off, so am hoping he will recover)
Yew after trimming off dead branch bits (it’s like a soft needled spruce – you can pet it and not get pricked. Yay!)
Three yews I hope will recover their health and adapt to their new home.   This is what they should look like: http://www.berrynurseries.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=plants.plantDetail&plant_id=150
Yew up close
Holly sprig that will eventually be a bush 4 feet tall X 5 feet wide!  Here is a picture: https://www.thetreecenter.com/blue-girl-holly/#prettyPhoto[product-gallery]/1/
One of our three baby sugar maple trees i planted a year ago and been watering and tending to.   I will put a fence around them for the winter to keep the rabbits away.  That’s how we lost the 4th tree.  Totally disappeared.
A new addition to my garden:  Bachelor’s buttons.  What a unique flower and cool-looking buds!  
Many farms here sell pumpkins in September and people decorate their houses and yards with pumpkins and other harvest and Autumn celebratory decorations.