The Bird Feeder Attraction Series

It is yet again blizzarding outside!


Another big dig out awaits tomorrow.  Sure is nice to not have to be going out to work in this weather.  Chantal was lucky again as it arrived on an off day and even better she doesn’t have to be back at work until long after the plows will have cleared all the roads.  It has been a busy, busy couple of weeks.  Chantal’s bakery Breadworks has now moved into Charlottetown.  To be honest it is a much better location (despite being in an alley – all though that lends a certain amount of charm).  However, the drive is farther so is taking a while to get use to (especially now that she is shifting back to earlier shifts again).  So we helped the owner, John, move things and get set up.  Mussel meat yields are still very low so I’m still getting some time off work (although I must admit it does feel like I spend most of my time shovelling snow).

So while it is blowing snow outside and warm and cozy inside, I thought I would post a short series on the various wildlife that has visited our feeder this month.

A couple of weeks ago we were sitting in our living room looking over some documents when Chantal happened to look up to see waddling through our yard a little racoon.  Of course it was going to the birdfeeder.  Chickadees are funny birds as they often sift through the seeds at the feeder to find the one they really want.  And by sifting I mean they grab what they don’t like  and fling it out onto the ground.  This means a large number of seeds end up on the snow which some birds get (we recently got a flock of common redpoles who seem to exclusively eat on the ground) as well as the squirrels.  We’ve only seen a racoon here twice during the fall and not at all during the winter until this furry little creature showed up!



So we watched the racoon for a while but then we got a little bored so went back to our busy work.  After an hour or so we glanced out again and the racoon was still there… well not exactly there…

but more like here!


The racoon had figured out that he could perch on the rod and reach into one of the little cups of seeds in the feeder to get the food.  So it just sat there reaching over and then filling its mouth, reaching over and filling its mouth.  We laughed and laughed watching it eat.  But it went on and on.  So finally after a while we decided the racoon had had enough so Chantal went out to scare it off.  What happened next was completely unexpected!  She clapped her hands and shouted at the racoon from our porch and instead of jumping down and scurrying off, the racoon sort of just froze.  It stopped moving totally.  It was the old ostrich head in the sand trick.  After a few minutes of catatonic state I also came outside and started trying to scare it away.  I tried tossing snowballs toward it hoping to encourage some movement!  Finally, after many minutes of shouting, laughing and just total mystification we ended up getting the most incredulous look!

Our funny frozen racoon bird!