Dalvay Beach, PEI Jan 23, 2017

It was a beautiful sunny day for the beach, although with a biting wind.  Definitely needed a good wind breaker and warm hat and mitts.  Every time we go to the beach, it has something new to show us!  Today, was a  wide swathe (60 feet or more) of white sea foam bobbing up and down with the swells, caught between the relentless breaking waves  and an ice / snow ridge further up the shore.

The waves are sluggish now, weighed down by heavier, thicker stuff (a mix of sea water, foam and ice blocks) so it looks like they’re moving in slow-motion!  Kind of cool!  I have some videos further down to show this better.

Yay! for the sea!

Milky waves crashing along the soupy foam edge

The ridge mostly blocks the view out to sea at beach level.
Fox tracks?